Protennis is a brand founded in 1997 with the aim of offering products with the best quality / price ratio.

To realize this important goal we let ourselves be guided by the passion for the most modern technologies and their experimentation. Our team consists of specialized technicians who over the years have always tried to introduce high quality products, associating them with transparent and understandable information.

The study of products and a careful analysis of customer needs are still our most important feature today.

Over the years we have introduced many synthetic strings for racket sports (Tennis, Squash, Badminton) to offer all players the most suitable strings for their needs. Before being introduced into the market, a string must pass two test sessions:

  • in the laboratory where them are tested by machines that control the mechanical characteristics;
  • on the playing field where some players perform practical tests with the help of tools.

Thanks to this important product analysis we can best advise our customers. It is no coincidence that the Academies that collaborate with us are very satisfied, moreover, their athletes have a low percentage of injuries due to trauma to the arm.

Stringing machines are the tools that allow us to obtain maximum performance from a string and for us it has always been a clear concept. We have created stringing machines to satisfy different targets: players, home stringers, pro stringers, however, to design our machines, we have always looked at the needs of pro stringers.  Over the years we have built constant pull load cell electronic machines and in 2016 we created the RHAPSO line which represents one of the most innovative stringing machines. RHAPSO can work 8 hours a day for many years. This machine is designed for a new generation of Pro Stringers, faster and more precise, can be transported more easily, its software has modern functions that allow it to adapt to the characteristics of the strings.

To understand the technology of our products, over the years we have refined many services: user manuals for stringing machines, meetings reserved for customers, and the new web assistance service. Our customers have a direct relationship with us and don't have to waste time searching for the information they need on the web.

Until now, Protennis and Rhapso products are appreciated by many tennis players / customers, old and new, and even if we have one of the most modern stringing machines in the world, we will not stop improving our products because this is our philosophy.

Protennis and RHAPSO products can only be purchased on our websites and those of our official partners. Only in this way can we guarantee the best price and complete assistance.


Pro Tennis is a brand managed by Dinamica S.a.s. | n° iscr. 03053230276 Business Register of Padova - mail order and online sales.